Online Lead Generation: Get those phones ringing!

Do you want your phones to ring?

Are you finding online lead generation a challenge?  How about offline marketing?

If you’re struggling getting qualified, ready to buy leads and then converting these into happy customers and raving fans then we’re so glad you’ve found us. We’re here to solve that problem.

We understand that getting new business is not your ONLY business challenge, but in most cases, it’s the most pressing one – which is why we’re going to deal with it right up front and help YOU to increase your sales, and achieve your profit goals for the coming months and years. Getting new business is essential to staying in business and in this time of increased competition, pressure on pricing and concerns about the global economy, it can be a real challenge!

A shaky economy can be a time of great challenges, but it can also be a time of great successes.  When jobs are scarce and businesses are becoming increasingly cost and efficiency conscious, more and more people are finding that corporate careers are no longer as stable as they once were.  This creates more urgency for these organizations to make new business development a priority  – and it also creates an environment where we’re seeing more new start-up businesses competing with larger corporations than ever before.

Many good businesses end up going out of business because they simply cannot generate enough qualified leads – or they cannot effectively convert the leads they do generate.  It’s a common problem.  Competing on price is a sure way to lose the game of business.  While it might score you some customers in the short term, you’ll find that they’re probably not the kind that will remain loyal or be much fun to work with.

What you really need is to set your business up as the supplier of choice, the authority in the market place in your particular industry. That’s the way to attract the kind of new business that will help you grow sustainably and long term.

get-those-phones-ringing/b2b-marketingAre you stuck?  Giving great service but not able to get enough new customers?

If you deliver excellent products or services, but you struggle with getting the word out about your business and you find it difficult to attract enough of the right kind of pre-qualified, pre-sold leads that you need to maintain or grow your business, it can be extremely frustrating and stressful.  But, it need not be. Whether you’re involved in selling to consumers or you’re involved in business to business sales, there are new and powerful ways to market more cost effectively than ever before in the history of business – if you know how.

Most businesses are involved in producing whatever it is that they sell. Knowing how to market is not what they sell so they’re understandably not specialists in this area.  This means that they either have to hire a full time marketing expert, or contract it out, or try to do it themselves.

The trouble is, how do you know who to hire or contract? How do you know how good they are?

One of the biggest challenges in marketing today – especially in business to business marketing – is that technology and internet marketing changes so rapidly that it’s almost impossible to stay up to date with all the changes, especially when marketing is not your core business.  Even for those of us who’re involved in B2B marketing, staying up to date with all the changes is a challenge.

It seems that every day there are new platforms, new technologies and new search engine rules.

Most people don’t keep up to date with all this.  Even those who’re involved in either offline or online marketing.  Sad but true.  For those who’re not marketing professionals, it can be bewildering trying to separate fact from fiction – solid fact from hype.

If you’re finding it all a bit overwhelming – if you’re struggling to get visibility in your market place – either online or offline, then we have some good news for you:

focused lead generation servicesbusiness generation strategies with you and give you some free tools you can use to help you make your online and off line lead generation successful.

If you’re tired of hearing people tell you that they can promote your business, but never really do, and if you really just want to get your phones ringing and email enquiries coming in, then you need an effective and all round marketing approach.

If you’re tired of wasting time and money on this or that new fad that comes along, then you’ll want to get your hands on this important marketing information as soon as possible.  We’ve been in the business of marketing for a few decades now.  We’ve developed a huge amount of knowledge and skill in what works and what doesn’t through working with both small and larger companies in 3 different continents.  We take the best of offline direct response marketing and bring it into an updated context – all the while staying compliant with the various business parameters – ensuring that your business presence is never at risk because you unknowingly did something that has damaged it.

Our proprietary marketing strategies result in not only greater visibility but also in more prospect conversions. It’s not just about getting the exposure.  It’s about capturing qualified visitors and then nurturing them through a relationship building process until they not only become happy customers, but also raving fans!

If you’d like to know what’s working and what’s not – if you’d like to get some pointers on either how to do this yourself or how to recognize whether the people you hire to do it for you know what they’re doing then you need to get your hands on this information now…

So here’s what we’re going to do.

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And no, there’s no catch.  It’s free.


You have nothing to lose – but a whole lot to gain.  This offer may not be available indefinitely.  It could be taken down at any time, so don’t procrastinate.  Put your email and name in the box and hit submit right now.

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No pressure. No heavy sales pitches. Just tons of useful information that you can apply in your business.

Go on… do it now… and we look forward to getting better acquainted on the other side!

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