Who’s getting your leads? Lead generation basics

Who’s getting your leads? Lead generation basics

Lead generation basics include knowing what the potential market size is, where it’s active and which of your competitors is getting business from it.  So… Who’s getting your leads?

It also includes assessing why you’re not getting more of this market and how you can remedy this situation.

If you have little idea of how much potential business you’re losing, you’ll never be able to assess what’s worth while investing in developing a market, both from a time and a money point of view.

The first step in assessing the market is to see how many local and global searches there are for your primary keyword.  The most basic way of doing this is to use Google’s own Adwords Keyword tool which you can find here http://bit.ly/hX7WkT

If you sign up for a free adwords account using a gmail email, you can then get access to more information using this tool than you can if you aren’t signed in.

Whichever way you use it, this keyword tool will give you information showing how many people are searching for a specific keyword term.  Let’s take the keyword ‘Everett dentist’ as an example.

assessing market with keyword researchOnce you’re at the keyword tool page, you click ‘advanced options’ then put in your search term and then you can choose a category and even a sub category.  I’m going to choose ‘Health Care services’ as it seems to be the one most closely allied to my search term.  I don’t bother with the sub category.  I check ‘show ony closely related ideas’.

I then choose my territory (country) and language and fill in the captcha and hit ‘search’.

searches on google keyword toolThis brings up the number of searches for my specified key term together with the closely related terms that people are searching for.  The results show global searches of 3,600 and local searches of 2900 per month.  So that means that there are at least 2900 people in the Everett area looking for a local dentist.

ranking analysis for Google PlacesNow if you were a dentist in this area you could go to this url  http://bit.ly/WXyb97  and put in your email and registered business phone number and you’d get a report that looks something like this:

The report analyzes where the business is ranking and for which keywords and which competitors are getting better rankings for specific keywords.

Taking both of these analysis together, you can then see:

  • how much potential business is out there for the specific business being researched
  • where the business is scoring and where it’s losing out
  • which competitors are doing better and why

This information then gives you what you need to know to begin to assess the potential to improve.  If the search volume is high enough and there are gaps in competitor strategy, it means that it’s going to be very worthwhile building up strength in specific directions in order to gain more visibility and credibility in the market. Building this up is a precursor to getting your phones to ring with pre-sold, pre-qualified leads.

It’s a fundamental step in creating an effective lead generation strategy.

and, it’s a precursor to being able to rank in Google Places or Google+ Local Business listings which is superseding  the old Google Places.

Why worry about Google Places or Google+ Local Business Listings?

We’ll address this more fully in another post, but perhaps this graphic will amply demonstrate the reason for getting one of these listings ranked on the first page of Google: lead generation using Google Places to get phone calls



The key to  getting higher online visibility is learning how to leverage the power of organic listings.  While SEO is obviously essential when it comes to ranking anything on the search engine results, making sure that a Google Places or Google+ Local listing is ranked requires a slightly different approach.

As we discuss in this post, there are quite a few variables that need to be taken care of in order for your listing to rank.  The more accurately you complete the listing requirements, the more likely you’ll be to have a shot at one of the coveted spots in the so called ‘7 pack’.

which Google Places listings get the most clicksTake a look at this heat map which tracked eye behavior and clicks. Mediative did a study showing the results of research they conducted to determine what influenced how people searched online.  This particular graphic is captioned as follows:

“The resulting heat map shows us that the top-positioned search result got the most at- tention. The colour red marks the most heat, where people looked the most, fading to green or nothing at all where they gave little or no attention”

This very clearly demonstrates that it’s really only the first few listings that count UNLESS there are reviews cited in the listing.  If a listing has reviews it will draw click action.  Being at the top and having reviews is obviously a guarantee that you’ll be enjoying a lot more response from your listing.

eye tracking heat map on Google PlacesYou can see this happening here in another illustration from Mediative.  The caption reads:

“We see three sites list ed with reviews, and one with a thumbnail picture. How do you think the clicks landed? Take a look at the click map.

The first and third listings, with their reviews and star ratings, took up most of the clicks on the left side. They did pretty well on the map clicks, too.

It’s interesting to note that the first listing got several clicks on different links within their listing.”

Having said all this, if you haven’t yet begun to do the basic research and see where your online presence is situated, then we encourage you to take a look at doing this now.  And, if you need any help at all with the analysis and assessment, or with how to implement an effective strategy to snag one of these coveted hot spots, please give us a call at1  604 556 7184 or email us at support@focusedleadgeneration.com  We would be happy to advise you about the best and most cost effective way to use the various available options for lead generation.

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