Voice Prospector Introduction

An introduction to Voice Prospector

Why is B2B voice prospecting so effective?

While consumers are generally not happy about receiving most telemarketing calls, businesses tend to be a lot more receptive.  They understand that it’s a lead generation process and it’s part of normal business activities.

Every business needs to generate new leads on an ongoing basis.  Without new leads, your business will not be able to survive.

Voice prospecting allows you to contact large numbers of prospects quickly – far more quickly than an entire team of sales people.  Setting up an automated calling system allows a carefully crafted and tested message to be delivered up to 10,000 times per hour.

Prospects who like what they hear and are interested are given the option to speak with a ‘live’ operator and be given further details.

Instead of valuable sales resources and time being spent on manually calling 1 prospect after another, a voice prospecting system does it for you – freeing you up to speak with hot, pre-qualified leads who actually WANT to speak with you.

This obviously improves your close ratios with prospects and gets sales into the business a lot faster.

At a cost as low as $10 per 1,000 calls this is one of the most cost effective ways to generate leads.

The video at this link will give you an overview of how our voice prospector system works.

You’ll also hear about clients who are spending as little as $1 per qualified lead ie. people who have responded to the broadcast message.

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