Voice Prospector Training – Sales message

Video 3: Your Sales Message


This video training explains exactly how you will record and upload your customized sales message into the Voice Prospector for the best effect.

Mark discusses the best recording methods, file formats and uploading basics.

You’ll learn what software you’ll need (it’s free!) and you’ll learn how to use it.

You’ll need at least two recorded messages:

1. for live answered calls

2. for calls that go to voice mail

What you say is also really important.  Just as with any direct response marketing, you really have to grab your prospect’s attention within the first few seconds – otherwise you’ll lose them.

When you understand that your prospect is not interested in what YOU have to say, you begin to understand that in order for you to get their attention, you have to ‘join the conversation’ already taking place in their own head.

How do you do this?

The first thing you have to do is begin to understand what problem your prospect is suffering and how what you offer can solve this problem.

If you can begin your message by speaking about the problem and solution right away, then you increase your chances of the prospect continuing to listen to the entire message.

For instance, if you’re voice prospecting, then your first few words could be: “Would you like your phones to ring with new business all day long?”

If you were a Human Resources company, your message might begin with something along the lines of “Are you looking for qualified and reliable staff? We have 150 people who match your specs and we guarantee you’ll find at least 1 who will be perfect for you.”

Give your messages a lot of thought.  The Voice Prospector technology is wonderful but it doesn’t replace the necessity for a strong sales message.

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