Voice Prospecting Training: The Basics

Video 1: The Basics of Voice Prospecting



Most people who are starting out with voice prospecting are concerned about leads that are lost when the call goes through to a voice mail.

Mark explains how to take care of this issue and make a missed call another sales opportunity.
It’s pretty clever and it’s really easy!

Mark also walks you through the whole set up process for a voice prospecting campaign.  He explains what to do about call back numbers and how to use a real Caller ID so that you don’t fall foul of the regulations AND you build trust with your prospects.

He also explains how to set up different numbers so that people returning missed calls don’t call back on a busy line or getting mixed up between the first stage of prospect call backs and the second stage of prospect call backs.

Voice prospecting can bring you in a lot of sales if you set it up right – and in this video, you’ll find out just exactly how to do that.

The video on this page will give you an overview of how our voice prospector system works.

You’ll learn about the optimum calling times for different types of businesses so that you can always call at the best time for each type of industry

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