The digital shopping explosion

When you’re involved in the industry, it’s easy to take the digital shopping explosion for granted, assuming that everyone is aware of the implications.

The truth is that most business owners are so overwhelmed by their daily operations that it is very easy to be completely unaware of what’s happening – or if aware, feel completely unable to tackle yet another issue.

The fact is, that online shopping – even in B2B businesses – is becoming so ubiquitous that anyone who delays putting an effective digital marketing strategy in place is going to lose out.  Just take a look at this infographic released by Google:

Focused Lead Generation Local business marketing

These statistics make it painfully clear that your online presence is becoming as important an issue as your bricks and mortar presence... if you even have a bricks and mortar presence.  Fully 70% of people searching for information about a business online connected with the business either by phone or by searching for a local business or Goole+ local maps listing (which displays not only directions, but all kinds of other information including customer reviews aggregated from online sources).  66% actually visited the business while 36% went on to make a purchase. http://www.thinkwithgoogle.com/insights/featured/new-multi-screen-world-insight/

Online lead generation and reputation marketingAccording to Google, 94% of smart phone users (491.4 Billion users at the end of 2011 – http://www.idc.com/getdoc.jsp?containerId=prUS23299912) use their devices to look for local information, and 90% of those have taken action as a result.

So what’s the bottom line?

You cannot afford to ignore the fact that over 50% of all internet searches are being done from mobile devices and a huge component is for local information.  Because of Google’s changes as discussed in recent posts here and here, the importance of developing a Google+ Local presence and building a 5 Star Reputation cannot be over emphasized.  These factors are important whether people are searching from a computer or from a mobile device.  The difference is that a mobile device gives maps and reviews an even higher visual prominence.

These statistics also make it quite painfully obvious that you need to make sure that your web presence has a mobile element ie either a redirect to a full out mobile site or a mobile friendly site.  If you’ve ever searched on a mobile device for local information, you’ll know exactly why this is.  If you haven’t, then try it.  Regular sites are simply not user friendly when viewed on a mobile device, particularly on a small screen smart phone.

Another interesting statistic is that 76% of mobile device users watch video on channels such as YouTube – while 25% do this daily.  The obvious conclusion is that adding video  to your mobile friendly web presence is an excellent way to get higher visibility online – plus if you use video testimonials as part of a complete online reputation marketing strategy, you’ll get even greater mileage.




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