Social Media: How to build a loyal tribe of followers and friends

Building a friend and follower base is integral to Social Media success – particularly if you’re wanting to use Social Media as a marketing tool.

It’s the online equivalent of networking

.  Face to face networking has been popular for decades.  Dedicated networking groups abound for the sole purpose of generating business for their members through making connections on a wider basis than would be possible for the person in their regular day to day life.

The reason for this is simple: every product or service known to man is sold to… you guessed it…. people.  And people buy from people they know and like.  In the regular business world, you can only know a certain number of people during a lifetime and eventually you run out of new people to sell to.
In online marketing, this limitation doesn’t apply.  Social Media is the online answer to a limitless number of connections with whom you can form productive business relationships over time.  This is why a key aspect of building your Social Media program should be to develop targeted connections as quickly as possible
Having said that, ‘targeted’ is the main criteria.  If you have 15,000 twitter followers and 5,000 Facebook fans and only 1% of them are actually qualified as potential clients, then your real ‘loyal tribe’ is only 1% of all your connections.  When building your base, it’s always tempting to add as many connections as you possibly can – but, it’s wise to do this with an eye to whether they’re a qualified prospect.
Are you asking yourself “How am i supposed to get friends and followers in Social Media? I don’t even know anyone who is involved in a business capacity in Social Media.”
If this is what’s putting you off entering this dynamic marketing arena then don’t worry.  It’s much easier than you imagine.
The first step in building  a friend and follower base is easy.  You can begin doing this by searching for all your existing contacts in the most popular Social networking places such as Facebook and Twitter.
Many social media platforms allow you to either invite people who’re connected to you by email.  You can send them an invitation  to ‘friend’ you or you can ‘follow’ them and invite them to follow you back.
There are auto follow programs available FOR some social networks that search out people based on interests and keywords.  BUT For the most part, these programs are paid subscriptions and can be quite indiscriminate about the people they add.  We spoke earlier about the importance of making sure that you build connections with qualified prospects. You really don’t want to have several thousand porn connections.  Not only is it a waste of your time, but imagine the impression it makes on your clients and potential clients if they check out your social media presence to find it’s heavily subscribe to by this kind of demographic – or even worse – that you’ve followed and friended back!
It’s often safer to have this function taken care of by a Social Media Marketing expert who will expand your reach beyond your existing contacts by carefully identifying and setting up connections with targeted customers, prospects and alliances.  In this way you can be sure that the vast majority of your connections are worth while.
For more information about how to do this, or about how to implement a Social Media or internet marketing plan for your business, visit http://FocusedLeadGeneration.com where you’ll find more helpful information and you’ll be able to download a free white paper on the subject.

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