Social Media Content Creation no problem.

If you’ve been putting off getting involved in Social Media – or your Social Media program has stalled because you’ve run out of ideas for content, this article discusses how to find an almost limitless resource right within your own business.

One of the most common concerns I hear about Social Media for business is: “I don’t have enough to say to keep a Social Media program active.”

Content creation is a huge issue. We all know that the internet is a fast paced environment that requires fresh stimulation daily. How can any organization keep up with its voracious appetite for new original content?

Researching and writing original content is a nightmare for most businesses. It takes hours and, for the most part, ends up being the responsibility of someone who already has far too much to do.

In fact, this is often the main reason that most businesses either delay their social media marketing agenda – or they end up running out of steam and their program fizzles out after just a few months.

So how can you avoid this dilemma? Even if you hire a writer or social media specialist, they still need some direction and access to information in order to be able to create content that has value for your organization and for your prospects and customers.

The good news is that you’d be surprised at how much you DO have to say. Most businesses have people on staff that deal with customer queries. They also have people who deal with product knowledge, with sales, with vendors. Whether these roles are allocated to different people or you fulfill many of these functions yourself, the fact remains that the functions exist.

By formalizing this information into written articles and F.A.Q’s you immediately have a huge and ever growing resource for content creation. Not only will this fuel your social media program, but it also serves to improve your customer service and assist in your sales process.

When your customers and prospects have easy access to their highest priority questions, they immediately feel that you are both professional and caring.

It’s a very easy additional step to then re-purpose much of this already existing information into white papers, articles and posts which can then be used in a variety of ways – from social media content to customer incentives such as giveaways and periodic customer education.

Once you begin examining the wealth of information already contained within your existing business processes, you’ll find that you actually do have plenty of information to share in your social media program. All you need to do now is organize it in a logical sequence and have someone extract pertinent points that can be expanded on in article form.

For instance, if you are a realtor, you already have access to not only your own accumulated experience in preparing a home or commercial property for sale, but you no doubt have access to a huge volume of information that your realty company has accumulated over the years. Take this information and add your own ‘voice’ and insights and you immediately have more than enough material for articles, posts, blog content, white papers, free reports… even workshops.

Can’t write well enough? Perhaps you’re a great verbal communicator but hate to write? That’s no longer any excuse. Now that you know WHAT to write about, getting someone to write it for you is not a problem. Freelance writers are a dime a dozen and you’ll find one to suit every budget an industry in a variety of places where writers post resumes to attract potential clients.

The EzineArticles.com site is a great place to find potential writers. Search the topics you’re interested in and see which writers pop up. You’ll find both experts in the industry itself as well as writers who write about the industry.

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