Reputation Marketing: Are you naked online?

It’s the biggest elephant in the room when it comes to reputation marketing: Are you naked online?

If that sounds a little melodramatic, trust me, it’s not.  Reputation marketing isn’t even being talked about yet.  Reputation management, yes.  But not marketing.  And the scariest thing about that is that your business could be standing exposed online completely naked.  

Most businesses have no clue whether they have bad reviews posted online about them.  And they have even less idea of what to do about them if they exist.  Up until now, it hasn’t mattered all that much because many of these reviews were tucked away on various sites and many never really saw the light of day.

Now, however, they’re being found by Google and Google is using these reviews in their rating system and then broadcasting this information in their search results when  someone looks for information about your company – or does a search for your products and services.

Now, when you’re found online, you’re also found in whatever state of disarray your reputation may be in across that very much world wide web.

Check out these search results:

This is just the beginning of what Google is doing to expose businesses online.

As the majority of consumers look for at least 10 reviews before they purchase, it’s not ‘if’ they click, but ‘when’ they click on those reviews, you’re completely exposed.

Just 1 bad review can be enough to turn them against you if your competitor has no bad reviews and more positive reviews than you do.

Buyers are becoming more savvy and these days, this is the first thing they look at.

What can you do to achieve that coveted high Zagat score and avoid the sting of bad reviews?

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