Online lead generation: Facebook Post Privacy Gating

Focused Lead Generation using Facebook for online lead generationAs part of online lead generation, we use Facebook and when we received an email about Facebook Post Privacy Gating it raised some questions.

First of all, if you’re using a Facebook Page to attract new business through online lead generation and / or engage with your existing customers, the whole concept of privacy gating is really very simple.  Which is why Facebook’s email was kind of confusing.

Here’s what they said:

“How to target your Page posts”


Here are the latest insights about your Facebook Page.

Tip: Now you can ensure only the most relevant people see your posts in their news feed by targeting based on things like location, language, gender and age. Learn more.

At the link, this is what they say:

“How do I control who sees my Page’s posts?

There are two ways to control who sees your Page’s posts:
  • Limit your post’s audience so only certain people will be able to see it
  • Add news feed targeting to optimize your post’s reach……..”
Why is this confusing?  The simple reason is that you are trying to get the most exposure possible, both on the newsfeeds of everyone who ‘likes’ your Page as well as in the search engines.  In marketing, segmenting and targeting are normally key.  One of the main reasons for this is cost.  You want to get the best bang for your buck and you don’t want to waste marketing spend on an unqualified audience.
This reason is just not logical in this instance. Being exposed to more people costs you nothing.  Privacy gating on Facebook is usually only valuable if you’re using it as an incentive for people to either take some kind of action, e.g. ‘liking’ your Page or if you’re selling something and they need to first pay before gaining access.
On Facebook, those two objectives are achieved with custom apps.  Newsfeed posts are supposed to be the area where you converse, announce, and engage.
In the light of ‘promoted posts’ for select Pages as well as talk about making Facebook Pages for business a paid service, we have to wonder if this is part of a bigger picture for the use of Facebook by business. If you’re currently using Facebook for business, then we would suggest that you follow these announcements closely. You might also want to read this post: http://www.eddale.co/facebook/there-is-something-rotten-in-the-state-of-facebook
We would also advise that you incorporate lead capture systems that operate outside of Facebook.

Whenever your lead capture systems are on a platform that you do not control, and when you are not privy to your lead’s email or other contact information outside a platform, then that ONLINE lead generation system is not secure and it can collapse at any time that the platform changes their rules.

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