Online lead generation and Google Search

Vancouver lead generationThe whole premise behind online lead generation is that of utilizing Google (and the other search engines) algorithms as effectively as possible so that your site features high in the search results.

Getting a grip on these algorithms is a constant focus in local search marketing.

In a recent article, the Atlantic reveals that Google search is adding another dimension to it’s search capabilities. That dimension affects your privacy.

According to the article, when you type a search query into Google, you’ll not only get results from the internet, but also any relevant references to the topic from your gmail. account.

Is it just us, or does that seem a little scary?  If Google is searching your gmail to deliver relevant information in response to search queries, what’s stopping them from showing contents of your emails to someone else?

We already know that Google is keeping track of email content through Gmail but this latest expansion of the scope of search could quickly become a privacy issue.  The trouble is, how will anyone ever know if content from their private emails is being distributed in search results?

Both Google and Facebook regularly push the envelope as far as user rights and privacy issues are concerned. http://www.google.com/policies/privacy/

It’s quite paradoxical that they both take a ‘zero tolerance’ attitude towards anyone they consider is ‘spamming’ by acting on (often unfounded and malicious) complaints against users accused of sending unsolicited communications yet they themselves rarely publicize their intrusions into your privacy.

While we all woo these behemoths of the internet in our attempt to gain greater visibility, we often ignore the darker side of internet marketing because – after all, what can we do about it?

Having said this, we do live in an amazing era.  Never before has it been easier to find information about virtually anything on earth!  Whether it’s looking for online reviews on potential suppliers or complex ‘how to’ instructions, we’re sure to find what we’re looking for in literally seconds simply by typing our query into the search box.

It also means that, as businesses, we’re more exposed to prospective clients and more dependent on the quality of those online reviews.  Which, by the way, has spawned a whole new industry known as online reputation management.


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