Leads and Online Lead Generation: What’s best?

Marketers use online lead generationIn the struggle to continually do more with less, businesses are eagerly grasping at internet marketing and online lead generation as a cost-effective alternative to traditional marketing strategies.

So what is really the best way to attract potential clients online? There are numerous strategies to choose from thanks to today’s advancements in technology and the increased use of the internet.

Online lead generation relies on the gathering of a list of potential clients, or subscribers who give you permission to stay in touch with them.

Regular and consistent frequency of contact is definitely a key factor in increasing your ability and likelihood of closing more deals and of course, of achieving a higher income.

Before you rush out and hire an online lead generation organization to drive more leads your way, you need to ask yourself, exactly what kind of lead do you want?

Gathering tons of subscribers is not the end goal – what you’re looking for is a potential client who is not only interested in your products, but also likely to buy them. When building a list, you will need to gather a certain amount of contact information. This could be as little as their name and email. If you are able, it’s always a good idea to get more detailed demographic information, as well as a mobile phone number – however in many circumstances asking for too much information will be counterproductive and cause potential leads to shy away from subscribing.

Once you have someone’s basic contact information, you’re then able to begin nurturing them. For example, you can stay in touch using a newsletter, or a series of timely announcements, or even an education series of useful information which you would send out to your subscribers on a regular basis. As you do, you’ll find that you begin to develop a relationship with them and they begin to know, like and trust you – an absolute prerequisite to purchasing from you.

Encouraging the sharing of your communications allows other people to sign up for your communications as well. The more viral you make your communications, the more leads you’ll attract. Just remember to make it relevant to the type of lead you’re trying to attract so that your subscribers really are qualified leads.

What’s the advantage of this strategy? The major advantage is that these subscribers are already interested in what you are offering. The sales process is easier, quicker and more successful when you’re selling to people who have already indicated their interest.

While consistency and frequency of contact is important, do be careful not to bombard your subscribers with too many emails, texts or other communications – or else you could end up losing them instead of selling to them.

The best approach is to build your relationship with them so that they will be confident enough in your integrity to purchase your services in the future. Limit your sales pitches to 10% or less of all communications. It is all about nurturing and putting their needs first. This is the best way to attract more potential clients.

Remember that friendships form over time. Online lead generation gives you the ability to form those friendships with strategic online communication that is helpful rather than too pushy.

If you’ve ever encountered a business that is too pushy with their sales pitch, you’ll know that Instead of creating the desire to purchase, they simply create irritation and a strong desire to move on.

Online lead generation needs to be handled with the same type of care and consideration as any other relationship building.

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