Online lead generation explained: Is SEO dead?

Vancouver online lead generation and social media from Focused lead generationIn a city such as Vancouver online lead generation can often seem like a complex mystery and many people wonder “Is SEO dead?”

Online lead generation is especially frustrating that the goal posts keep moving.  

Google changes on a daily basis, as does Facebook and all the other major social platforms. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Social_media  If you’re attempting to market your business on the internet, it can be extremely frustrating: as soon as you think you’ve mastered it, things change and you’re back to square one.

You might have heard people saying things like, “SEO is dead” or “Facebook is where the traffic is” – but is this truth or simply the current hype?  In most instances it’s hype.  The fact is that if you want to generate leads online, you cannot focus on any one particular method exclusively.  Doing so makes you very vulnerable.  Each time there’s a change you risk losing your online visibility and your website is likely to lose rank and authority.

The best way to handle online lead generation is to understand the motivation of the majority of the internet platform providers.  This will help you give them what they want and, in turn, they will give you what you want.

Google, for instance, is in the business of providing search results.  In order for them to be successful, they have to give their customers what they want – which is accurate, relevant search results. Google does this by identifying who is searching and where they’re searching from.  If you’re searching for a dentist and you’re in Atlanta, they will try to show you links to dentists in your area.

This means that if you are a dentist in Atlanta and you want to be seen online by potential patients in your area, you have to provide Google with what they need to determine that your link is the best search result fo their customers who are searching for what you are providing.

Google uses literally hundreds, if not thousands of algorithms in order to assess your online presence.

Obviously, they look at your web site.  They assess the structure of the site, the quality of the content, the frequency of the updates and the number and authority of other sites who’ve linked to it.

What has changed over the past year or more is the other factors they also assess – such as social proof i.e. online reviews and social media instances.  They check to see if your site is Mobile friendly – in other words if it is easily viewable on a mobile device.

These factors are becoming increasingly important in how they determine your authority and relevance – and therefore these are the factors that determine whether people see you online or not.

Of course, when it comes to handling all the logistics of developing your web presence for effective online lead generation, it’s obviously an overwhelming task if it’s not your primary occupation.  That’s why most businesses look at outsourcing their online lead generation activities to experts in that field.

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