I already have a web site, why do I need Social Media?


Have you ever thought: I have a web site already.  Isn’t that enough?  Why do I need a Social Media Marketing strategy too?

Social Media and web sites can be two very different things and they do not replace each other and neither one makes the other redundant. While a web site may be a part of a social media strategy, it is never a stand alone solution.

Why is this? It used to be that a web site was an organization’s major online presence.  If your web site was constructed according to be a corporate image device, it will likely not do you any good in terms of sales.  Here’s why:

Most organizations that already have traditional websites have what’s known as ‘Web 1.0’ sites.  Web 1.0 refers to the fact that it is a static site which may or may not be updated periodically by a web master. While this kind of site does communicates information to your customers and prospects it doesn’t allow them to communicate with you except perhaps via a contact form or phone number.

In short, there is no ‘conversation’ on the site.  It’s simply an information providing ‘place holder’ on the internet.

Why does this matter?

Today, activity on the internet has changed drastically from what it was even five years ago.  Today people do many things online, including interacting with the people with whom they choose to do business.

It’s no longer a simple one way dissemination of information. It’s a two way, sometimes multiple party conversation.  Remember the old fashioned ‘chat rooms’, ‘bulletin boards’ and forums?  Well they all still exist, but most people interact in a dynamic fashion on many more diverse platforms.

These platforms are referred to as ‘Social’ media.

Social Media is very much Web 2.0 which refers to the fact that it allows 2 way conversation.  This is a very important factor for businesses looking to establish an internet presence as that interaction is absolutely essential for building relationships and increasing sales.

Adding Web 2.0 strategies to your existing strategies is like replacing a horse and buggy with with an international airline carrier.

Web 2.0 speeds up communication and makes it more efficient, effective and effortless.

For this reason, many organizations are either replacing or adding to their traditional web sites by creating a blog.  Blogs are part of a good Social Media Marketing strategy and not only are they great Web 2.0 tools which allow 2 way communication between you and your customers, but the search engines love them – a fact which will only help your organization’s search engine rankings.

A blog can fulfill many of  the purposes of a traditional web site but it brings a lot more to the table.  It can not only dynamically interact with other platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr and so on, but it also allows its’ readers to immediately interact with it online by commenting on information on the blog, asking questions and joining in a conversation with each other.

In addition to having a blog, you will probably wish to consider other Social Media platforms I previously mentioned.  Facebook and Twitter are becoming the most subscribed, along with YouTube and LinkedIn.

The amount of traffic these platforms attract is astounding.  At last count, Facebook exceeded Google in terms of active traffic.  With over 600,000,000 users it’s fast becoming the most popular online venue.  Twitter is also gaining a huge following with over 250,000,000 and YouTube has traffic of over 300,000,000 and is becoming known as the second largest search engine.

The fact is, that this means that you cannot afford to have just a traditional web site if you want to be visible online.  You absolutely have to have a comprehensive Social Media presence.

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