How people shop today and what this means to your business

A recent article in Mashable highlighted information about how people shop today and what this means to your business in terms of online lead generation.

Although the information is geared to retail, it certainly applies just as much to almost any type of business, including B2B.  If you look at the infographic they included which we’ve also included here for your convenience, you’ll notice some incredible social statistics – yet there’s one are they don’t touch on at all.  This is surprising as it’s currently the most significant in terms of the impact social signals have on your business.

If you’ve been reading our articles for the past month or so you’ll probably already have guessed what’s been omitted: Reputation Marketing.

Although all the social signals they mention are extremely valid and super important, the fact remains that with

  • bad reviews (between 1 and 3 are enough to turn off prospects) or
  • no reviews

you’ll find your online marketing severely impacted no matter what kind of social signals you’re able to generate.

Think about it:  You sink a lot of time, effort and money into being seen in the right social circles online and being active enough to have Google take note.  You get yourself listed on page 1 of the search results and you work diligently to move your listings up to the top spots.  You may have 1 listing, or like many of the businesses we work with, you might have multiple page 1 listings.  But then… your prospect sees your very first listing – usually a Google+ Local listing – and it’s displaying your reputation score or lack thereof.

Which listing do you think is going to get the most attention?

That’s right…

So, having said that, look at the infographic below and you’ll see that you have little choice but to get involved in making sure that you’re participating in the places where your audience is actively engaged. But, don’t forget to deal with first things first.

Building your online reputation is the foundation on which all the rest of your online (and offline) marketing efforts should rest.

Social Signals and Reputation marketing for online lead generation

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