Google’s menagerie to decimate SEO and online lead generation?

Vancouver lead generationWill Google’s menagerie decimate SEO and online lead generation further than it already has?

If you’re relying on generating leads from your web presence you’ve no doubt spent countless hours and dollars on SEO.  Could it have all been in vain? Is Google going to rip the rug right out from under you… again?

Well, that all depends on how your online lead generation and SEO has been handled.  In recent weeks we’ve had people contact us in desperation.  They’ve been working with some high falutin’ SEO web companies and initially they got great rankings.  However the latest members of the Google menagerie (Panda and Penguin) resulted in them dropping like a stone from a 20 storey building.

We find it interesting that Google names their updates after animals in alphabetical order… sort of like how hurricanes are given boy’s and girl’s names in alphabetical order.

Like hurricanes, announcements from Google about their updates causes fear in the hearts of those standing in the path of the onslaught.

The second Penguin update is about to be unleashed and according to Matt Cutts of Google, “you don’t want the next Penguin update” and it’s going to be “jarring and jolting” as their engineers have “been working hard on it”. http://www.seroundtable.com/google-penguin-warning-15577.html


Okay, so what can we expect? (Don’t you just love it when Google releases these kinds of warnings and then leaves you to guess about what they mean?)

With the Panda and first Penguin update, Google targeted SEO that relied on keyword stuffing, badly spun content, web sites without pages such as privacy policy, contact us, terms and conditions etc.  They hated automated content.  They also hated anything that smacked of web spam or over hyped sales.  In fact, one commentator accused them of having a ‘communist mind set’.

Do they care? Not at all.

They are interested in absolutely owning the internet and everyone who’s on it.  They’re mining data from everything and everyone and one day they’ll use it for profit. Right now, their focus is on providing the most accurate and demographically targeted information available online.  That means that their search results have to provide what you want, when you want it.  That means eliminating all those cruddy results that have shown up on page one – those spammy directory sites and blatant keyword stuffing, link hijacking monstrosities we all hate.

Unfortunately for those who practice SEO that looks anything like what Google hates, it could mean that their web presence is banished into the no man’s land of never being seen and their site permanently de-indexed.

We’ve seen it happen to people who’ve contacted us in desperation wondering what hit them and what their high priced SEO experts have been up to. These poor people have been paying to get their sites ranked and suddenly, not only are they not ranked but they can’t be found at all.  Word of caution: beware of people who say they’re Google and want to get you on page one.  Ain’t usually true, I’m afraid.

In the end, your online lead generation is a long term project.  If you want your website to rank well and produce quality leads there are some fundamentals that have to be taken care of:

A quick summary is:

  • pay attention to creating good quality content and post it regularly – at least 1x to 3x per week.  Daily would be even better
  • optimize for your keyword but don’t keyword stuff or over optimize (this is in an art to which most SEO ‘experts’ seem to be totally oblivious.)
  • make sure you get social proof and social signals regularly: active social presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube etc plus as many good online reviews as possible.
  • mobile optimization: if you don’t have a specifically designed mobile site with a redirect from your regular site then you are not mobile friendly
  • backlinking: be extremely cautious.  The word is that backlinking to the wrong places and in the wrong way can get your site de-indexed quicker than you can blink an eye.  Backlinking has been the mainstay of traditional SEO but things are changing and if you don’t know what the new rules are and the exact importance and type of backlinking you should undertake, then it can do you more harm than good.

Not sure where to start? Or perhaps you suspect you’ve been banished by Google?  We are happy to assess your situation and give you recommendations

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