Facebook promotions: new restrictions

Vancouver lead generation experts discuss the changes to Facebook promotions – one of the fastest growing online marketing tools – and how these may become a lot more tricky.

Facebook has made some drastic changes which have been made effectively immediately and without notice.  To say that these changes are pretty far reaching is an understatement for marketers.   The new guidelines will affect basically any kind of promotion you may do that involves your Facebook presence in any way.


Here’s the link to the Facebook guidelines for this, if you’re interested to read them for yourself:


Essentially, it looks to us like these are the main issues:

  • you cannot have a promotion which requires a person to click the like button whether for the page itself or for a comment – these guidelines apply to promotions that are advetised outside of Facebook as well as those solely promoted on Facebook itself
  • you cannot notify winners using Facebook, either through the messaging / chat system or through posts on profiles or pages.
  • you cannot use anything to do with Facebook – either the name or any logos or symbols when you are promoting your promotion
  • all promotions have to be handled through approved Facebook apps
  • entrants have to release Facebook from all liability, also acknowledging that their information is being released to the promoter and not to Facebook

What does this mean? It seems clear (though of course you’d need to consult a lawyer for a definitive legal interpretation)  that doing a promotion which requires your entrants to participate via Facebook in any way is going to become very difficult.

In fact, it makes us wonder what the impact will be on features such as Reveal Tabs (which ask viewers to click the like button to gain access to some reward) which are commonly used to build the ‘fan’ base.  Could this be construed as a ‘promotion’?

What do you think?


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