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Why your marketing doesn’t generate leads

why your marketing doesn't generate leadsThere are 3 reasons your marketing doesn’t generate leads.

They’re common mistakes and they’re easy to make.  Fortunately, they’re also easy to fix if you understand why they don’t work to bring you in new customers.  Let’s take a look at them one by one and see what you can do to reverse this trend and get a better ROI on your marketing dollars.

Marketing Mistake 1: Don’t identify and target your audience accurately

online lead generationIt seems obvious, but it’s a common mistake. You get a great idea for a marketing campaign, or you hire someone to build your website and make it look pretty… but you forget to look at what you’re doing through your customer’s eyes.  Your customer doesn’t have the same priorities that you do.  They don’t really care about how many square feet your showroom is or how many years of combined expertise your staff have.  They really only care about whether what you’re selling can solve their problem or not.

It’s important to also understand the demographic of your customer base.  Are they mainly male or female? What age group? What socio economic group? What geographic location?

You wouldn’t speak the same way to a 60 year old lady as you would to a 25 year old man? Would you?  Tailor your language and approach to your audience. Use appropriate analogies and illustrations to help you connect with them.

If your audience is tech savvy then you will be best choosing to reach them in a way that they understand.  Mobile devices are being used more and more to locate and buy products and services. Text message marketing is taking of with the under 40’s.  Over 40 and you’ll probably find that email marketing works well.

Marketing Mistake 2: Don’t offer enough value

Offering value isn’t about price.  It’s more about the way that your market perceives your product.  It’s about how it makes them feel. It’s about how much they trust you to deliver reliability and value.  Take the Apple iPad as an example.  People lined up for hours when they were released to buy a product that was premium priced. Why? Because even though many of the components came from other well known manufacturers of competitive products, Apple has built a brand that carries huge value in the mind of their fans.  Even though they could get a tablet that does much of what the iPad does for less money, it’s not the same as the feeling fans get from owning (and boasting about) their iPad.

Think about toys.  What child is ever satisfied with the cheaper knock off when their friends are all sporting the ‘popular’ brand.

Offering value goes way beyond price.  It incorporates form, function and fantasy.  It’s influenced by the philosophy of the brand. By it’s culture. By it’s history and the idea or image behind the product.

So what if your product or service doesn’t have the cachet of Apple?  Develop an identity and a value proposition for it.  Define your product. Give your customers something to believe in, to brag about.

lead generation through educationHow do you do it?  There are quite a few ways.  One is obviously your visual image. Another is education.  By offering your customers ongoing education related to not only your product but also on matters related to your product, you build loyalty and credibility.  For instance, a regular email newsletter that showcases how customers are getting great results using your product and teaching them how to do the same thing offers value, builds trust and helps strengthen the relationship between customer and brand.

Offering free reports, white papers, additional training or ancillary services are more ways to add value.  None of these has anything to do with price.  People will be prepared to pay what they feel your product is worth to them.  That has nothing to do with the actual physical value of the product.

Marketing Mistake 3: Don’t do any lead capture or ask for the sale.

When prospects first come across you they’re in one of two places: either ready to buy or not yet ready to buy.  In both cases you want to be able to have an opportunity to either sell to them now, or sell to them when they are ready to buy.

In order to have this ability, you have to ask for what you want. lead generation

If they’re ready to buy, make it really clear how they can buy. Where do they go, what do they do? Make it easy and quick.

If they’re not yet ready to buy, offer them something in return for their contact details. That way you can stay in touch with them and be ‘in the right place at the right time’.  For this you need a lead capture system to capture their details and an autoresponder system to help you stay in touch at predetermined intervals.

Whether you do it manually or you set up automated systems, these points are key to your success.

Take care of these 3 major mistakes and you’ll see your lead generation working and your online marketing begin to generate results.



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