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Did you know…

  • 92% of businesses research online before purchasing products or services.
  • 97% of consumers do the same.
  • But only 26% of small /medium sized businesses have invested any time or money in online lead generation.

Which means that while nearly all customers have shifted to these new platforms, most businesses have not. But studies show that the top 100 businesses who have implemented social media as part of their marketing plan, have enjoyed an average 18% bottom line increase within the first 12 months.

Believe it or not, Social Media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are an integral part of buyer’s research – including people purchasing for businesses.  It’s clear that online marketing and social media need to be an integral part of your overall marketing and lead generation plan.

The fastest growing demographic involved online are those between 35 and 65. Which is why lead generation using internet marketing – including consistent, lead capture, automatic follow-up, social media, video marketing and even mobile marketing is becoming an essential component in every organization’s marketing and lead generation activities.

Any marketing plan that does not keep pace with technological advancements misses out on the huge potential to connect with their target market quickly and cost-effectively. To sell more, your presence has to be more visible – especially on the internet. In the past we relied completely on direct sales, radio, TV, print advertising and regular ‘snail’ mail.  But today, we go where the customers are most active.

Did you know that Facebook and Twitter have over 700 million users combined and that Facebook now gets more traffic than Google?  YouTube alone gets over 300 million visitors per month.

YouTube and Facebook are being used as the ‘search engines’ to source information about every product and service you can think of.  Google is reflecting this in the way they list search results.

Whatever the size of your organization, setting up an online lead generation strategy and social media marketing plan requires a new skill set and a thorough understanding of this quickly evolving form of communication.

The good news is that you don’t need to worry about adding people to your marketing department or having your already busy employees take on more responsibility. We’re here to take care of it all for you.  Yes… we make it easy and require zero extra effort from you!

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